Jockey Rankings!

Jockey Rankings!

Along with the Extreme Pace Line Analysis and the Visual Race Projections I also look at the top Jockey Rankings in each race and Rank them according to their In-The-Money Percentage over the past 30 days.  This helps identify the best Jockey in the field and any Jockey that might be on a Hot Streak! As you can see Below (and/or by clicking on the link below) the two Jockeys Ranked 1 & 2 were indeed on a Hot Streak and brought in their mounts accordingly!

Top Jockeys:                                                                                          Rank  Horse                          Jockey           %InTheMoney            1        “Enlightened”              “Richard R”     47.82                                                             2        “The Doll Room”         “Orozco I”        42.10                                                           3        “My Secret Weapon”   “Duran F”        33.92
4        “Jessaboom”                “Garcia S”      33.33

Race Results:                                                                                                                    Horse                 Results    Win       Place     Show   WinTime            “Enlightened”                1   $23.40   $10.60   $5.40   1:45.22                                             “The Doll Room”           2                 $13.40   $5.60                                                           “Family Soul”                3                                $3.60
“Sheana Malaena”        4                                                                                                  “Thats Vista’s Girl”        5                                                                                                     “My Secret Weapon”     6                                                                                                “Golden Roar”               7                                                                                      “Icedmochanowhip”      8                                                                                      “Jessaboom”                99   <– Scratched                                                                   “Madison Shore”           99   <– Scratched                                                                                                                                         Comma Delimited File:


This is a good place to plug my Newsletter! I will be sending out Jockey Rankings, Trainer Stats and Horse Stats via a Newsletter each month. Well … actually that’s not really accurate. What I’ll be sending is …. the Most Profitable Jockey, Trainer and Horse Trends that are going on currently! Notice I didn’t say the Winning-est Jockeys, Trainers and Horses, I said the Most Profitable Jockeys, Trainers and Horses. There is a big difference as I’ll explain. I’m here to help you make a profit while betting the Ponies, not just find the winners. It’s true that you have to win to make money but there are times when you can win the most and still come up short because the Odds are against you when it comes to making a profit. Just look at the stats on Steve Asmussen and Jerry Hollendorfer. Probably the greatest Trainers of our time with 50% – 60% of their Horses running In-The-Money! But if you bet everyone of their Horses you’d loose about 10% – 25% of your money! That’s right … the Wining-est Trainers producing a consistent 10% – 25% negative Profit/Loss! It’s not because they are loosing their touch … it’s because they are too good! So good in fact that most people bet them and it drives the Odds so low that you can’t make a profit.
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