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 Horse Racing Picks 4U : Unique Approach to Extreme Pace Line Analysis !

Horse Racing Picks 4U offers a unique approach to Horse Race Handicapping like none other! I’ve developed a computer program with “Extreme Pace Line Analysis” capabilities that allow those pace lines to be projected on to a Virtual Race Track that will show you “visually” what that race will look like and who the likely winner will be!  This unique capability has been developed and tested over a 5 year period through painstaking research into the art of “Extreme Pace Line Analysis”!    … Double Click on the Track Below and see what I mean!


Have you ever said “Man … I didn’t even look at that horse!” … as an unknown and unlikely horse and jockey combo head for the winners circle? Have you agonized over rows and rows of pace line data and wished there was an easier way to actually “see” how fast a horse is going to run in comparison to the others in the field?

Well now you can! My “Extreme Pace Line Analysis” tool can do this for you in a blink of an eye and then display the up coming race  “VISUALLY” on the track! You can actually SEE the race unfold in front of your very eyes well before it happens for real!

So how can this be? Why are my “Extreme Pace Line Analysis” techniques so good? Why don’t all those other guys do this? All very good questions. And here’s the answer: Because it’s really hard to do! It’s not impossible, but it’s very difficult to do. Have you ever tried it? Have you every tried to figure out how fast a horse runs between the first and second call? Or between the third and forth or final call and the numbers just don’t makes sense some of the time? Some times they seem correct but other times you know they’re way off and you just can’t figure it out? Well the reason is that the “Points of Call & Fractional Times” charts that have been published in many books (like the ones I bought and read) and the charts that are posted on the web (which are copies of the ones in the books that I have read) are ALL WRONG! (see below)

Points of Call & Fractional Splits

Well maybe not all wrong but wrong enough to lead you astray when you’re trying to calculate how fast a horse is running down the final stretch. Especially in some of the longer races. A mile race is easy to calculate the split times and therefore the speed of the horse during the last split. But the in between distances and the longer than a mile distances are hard to figure out because the call distances change depending on the total distance of the race.

You can figure out the split times between calls easily enough with standard pace line analysis and then if you know the distance between the calls all you have to do is apply the basic speed formula of distance/time = speed and you get: miles/hour or  yards/second.

Simple right? Now all you have to do is get the right split distances and do Oh about 5,000 pace line calculations before the race right? Then pick out the best ones that each horse ran and then compare them to each other and then …. well it’s no wonder that so many people are left saying “Man … I didn’t even look at that horse!”.  Well of course not, it’s just too much data for a human being to process. And then when your calculations are flawed because the “Points of Call & Fractional Times” charts are flawed,  it’s no wonder you didn’t even look at THAT horse!

So what’s the answer? Get a computer, build a program, buy the racing form data each day, spend thousands of dollars and about 5 years developing and testing the program and then figure out what nobody else knows about the Points of Call Charts and you’re ready to go! Or,  for less than a dollar a day, you can buy a subscription that will pay off BIG TIME at the track!

If you would like to see more examples go to the Virtual Races page and see demos of 10 Virtual Races in action! You can also go to the Free Sample Races page to download the actual files and see how easy it is.

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